Candlelit Christmas Trees




I am a child of the 1960’s and for as long as I can remember, my family always put lights (and quite often the symbol of a candle) on the Christmas trees we would have in our home. Whether in the form of a glass-blown ornament, an electric bubble light or cardboard decoration, I was always told “it was a German thing” to have candles on the Christmas tree… not sure how true that is, but I found this online:

“In the 17th century, the Germans combined the two elements and the tradition of illuminating the Christmas tree with candles began (legend has it that Martin Luther, inspired by a starry Christmas Eve sky, lit the first tree a century earlier, but the first documented references to a lit tree come from 1660).”

Candles were like beauty: sometimes hot and sometimes dangerous! :)


I was shopping at Lowe’s for some last minute holiday decor items and found these clip-on LED candles (each candle requires a AAA batery -not included with the candles). They are part of the Holiday Living Collection from Lowe’s and come in a package of 10. They also includes a remote / clicker that can turn the lights on or off and can adjust the speed of the flickering ‘flame’ bulb. I found them in the holiday home decor section (where they sell LED pillar candles and ornaments).




My tree, still waiting for 1100 warm white lights and 650 gold ornaments!


I bought 6 packages (60 candles total) for my 10 foot tree. I wish I had bought 4 more packages, to have 100 candles to fill the tree. The battery-operate LED candles are so much safer than real candles or event the old-style bulbs that get hot when left on over time. I already know how I am going to use these next year in my home… stay tuned!

PS: I hear there is a sale on right now… perhaps I will make it back. When my tree is completely decorated then I will post again. Until then, happy holidays and keep shining! KL



Gift Topper/Tree Ornament



Christmas day is next week; my time is being crunched and I seem to be getting more stressed over shopping, prepping and organizing the house for all the holiday parties and the big day ahead. I want everything to be easy… and still stylish so I’ve come up with some inspiring decor touches that you and/or your kids can have fun doing in little time and with little money.

Each day until Christmas I will post a simple & stylish holiday decor idea that can help get your home in holiday-shape over the next 10 days. All projects are affordable and easy (level 1). We will celebrate day three of the ‘Twelve-Daze‘ series with a toy car craft that I recently discovered; and it couldn’t be easier:

Toy Car & Tree Craft:

christmastreecarMy inspiration was from this photo I found online last year. Completely adorable!!!

Needed: Small toy car (Matchbook or Dinky-style cars), small holiday village trees, kitchen twine, school glue.


Its the simplest assembly; place the tree on top of the car; add a dab of school glue to keep it in place. Wrap the car and tree with a piece of twine or kitchen string. You can also use the string to create a hanging loop.

$10 Walmart

10 cars for $10, Walmart.


Lemax Snowy Juniper Trees

Lemax Snowy Juniper Trees, Michaels



Still got a Barbie car hidden somewhere around the house? Here’s your chance to bring it out of storage and display it for an upbeat version! Of course you will want to serve pink champagne to visitors!

A few more inspiring examples:



I’d love to find some vintage mini cars. I’ll look at yard sales throughout the year; I think the older ones will have more charm. Use these little creations as gift-toppers (to folks at any age) or to hang on the Christmas tress as ornaments.

I look forward to posting another simple idea tomorrow- HINT: Christmas Project for DAZE #9 will most likely include cellophane – see you tomorrow with another easy-breezy holi-dazed project! Enjoy! KL

“I’m In A Pickle,” said the tree!


Each week until Christmas I will post a simple, yet stylish holiday decor idea that can help get your home in holiday-shape. All projects are affordable and easy (level 1-2). We will celebrate today with one of the simplest ideas:

Pickle Jar Snowglobe:

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 11.45.59 PM

Needed: Medium sized pickle jar -cleaned and labels removed, decorative snow, village tree, school glue.

I love that Bick’s Pickle jars have a red/white flagged design on the edge of its lid. This makes for the most festive base to the Pickle Jar Snowglobe! A few things: the bigger the jar, the taller the tree you will need to fit inside -just make sure that the base of the tree fits through the opening of the jar. Places like Michaels sell bags of trees; all varying in sizes which makes it fun to create little forests. You can also find these trees pr-decorated with battery-powered LED lights!

Here’s all you need to do: 1/ Glue the tree to the inside of the lid. 2/ Add 1/2 to 3/4 cup of decorative show in the jar. 3/ Insert the tree into the jar and screw the lid on tight. 4/Turn over -give it a quick shake to settle the snow around the tree and you have a super-simple snowglobe. Make 5 or 6 of these (using various sized jars/trees) and line them down the middle of your dinner table- sprinkle a few votive candles around and you will have a charming winter forest to dine in! One; placed on a guestroom nightstand adds a ton of simple, handmade charm. And all for the love of pickles!

To add a blizzard effect to the inside of the jar you can spray it with window frost or old-school hairspray. Once dried, it will look like wind-blown frost around your tree. Enjoy! KL