A Downton Abbey-Inspired Tree Topper


Christmas day is almost a week away; my time is being crunched and I seem to be getting more stressed over shopping, prepping and organizing the house for all the holiday parties and the big day ahead. I want everything to be easy… and still stylish so I’ve come up with some inspiring decor touches that you and/or your kids can have fun doing in little time and with little money.

Each day until Christmas I will post a simple & stylish holiday decor idea that can help get your home in holiday-shape over the next nine days. All projects are affordable and easy (level 1). We will celebrate day four of the ‘Twelve-Daze‘ series with a tree-topper idea that is fun and breaks all tradition! Goodbye traditional angels and stars… and hello to an era gone by…

A Downton Abbey tree topper:


Needed: Black top hat (found at vintage shops or party-supply retailers), a long red scarf from the Dollar store & your tree!

Assembly is easy: Place the hat at the top of the tree. For safety reasons, make sure it is clear of all lights. Tilt/angle the hat to give it some character. Wrap the red scarf around the tree on an angle. If you wish, purchase many scarves and continue wrapping them down the tree; similar to winding garland around the tree.

Here’s some other unconventional tree topper ideas (not my pictures):


A Crown!


F6660894Beautiful glass antlers!



A bird’s nest theme!

I hope you have fun with this one- SO many people have come to my house and commented on the top of the tree. Now the next thing to consider… how to out-do this idea for next year!

I look forward to posting another simple idea tomorrow- HINT: Christmas Project for DAZE #7 will most likely include some vodka; just in time for Christmas parties – see you tomorrow with another easy-breezy holi-dazed project! Enjoy! KL

Toppings On The Tree

I’m not a fan of stars or angels on the top of a Christmas tree; its not a religious thing- I just have’nt found one that I have found intersesting enough. I am racking my brain as what to top my Christmas tree with this year.

Last year I topped it with a vintage tophat and red scarf- for a Dickens effect at the top of the tree. It was easy to do and was very effecive.

How do you decorate the top of your tree? I’d love to know. Also, if you find anything visually interesting, please let me know!

Here’s a cute tree-topper option; perhaps for the newly married couple? Anthropologie’s Owl Couplet Tree Topper, $88.
Owl Couplet Tree Topper, Anthropologie

And while we are on cuteness; these vintage salt and pepper shakers will bring a nod of the past on Christmas morning. Urban Outfitters’ Vintage-Inspired Elf Salt & Pepper Shakers, $18.
Vintage-Inspired Elf S&P, $18 UO

Let the hunt begin- I will report back in a week or two on what I have decided for this year’s tree topper. Happy Holidays, KL