Cranberry Libations…



Christmas day is a week away; my time is being crunched and I seem to be getting more stressed over shopping, prepping and organizing the house for all the holiday parties and the big day ahead. I want everything to be easy… and still stylish so I’ve come up with some inspiring holiday touches that you and/or your kids can have fun doing in little time and with little money.

Each day until Christmas I will post a simple & stylish holiday idea that can help get your home in holiday-shape over the next few days before Christmas. All ideas are affordable and easy (level 1). We will celebrate day five of the ‘Twelve-Daze‘ series with a simple holiday cocktail idea that is easy, uses up that dreadful jar of cramberry sauce left-over from Thanksgiving, tastes great and looks like a handmade cocktail from an old time bartender! By omitting the alcohol it is a great option as a punch… happy sipping…

Muttled Cranberry Holiday Cocktail:


Needed: Vodka, handmade cranberry sauce, soda water, frozen cranberries/orange zest (for garnish), ice, lowball coctail glasses.


Assembly is easy: 1/ Place a teaspoon of cranberry sauce into a lowball glass.


2/ Pour 1-ounce of vodka over the cranberry sauce and muttle with the back of a teaspoon. 3/ Add ice, 4/ Pour soda water (I like to add 2/3 soda water and 1/3 ginger ale). 5/ Give it a gentle stir, add a few frozen cranberries and a zest of orange… and watch it fizz/bubble!



I hope you have fun with this one- its an impressive coctail to make glass by glass or create a larger bowl of punch with this one. Note: the orange zest add an incredble essence to this drink.

I look forward to posting another simple idea tomorrow- HINT: Christmas Project for DAZE #6 will most likely include another Mason jar so finish up that last serving of pickles and clean the jar; I promise you will want to make this easy-stylish project!  – see you tomorrow! Enjoy! KL