Style, Under-foot! My Secret Rug Source

I found, a Montreal-based online carpet retailer about 3 years ago. They are known to have some of the most on-trend carpets at the best retail prices. Because they have no retail store expenses, the prices always remain the cheapest in the industry; and they offer free shipping (FedEx within 2-3 days) on most sales within Canada and to the United States. I found this rug on their site today and was amazed, that for a vintage-dyed 5′ x 7′ rug, the cost was only $250. I am not ordering it (I have QUITE the inventory of favorite rugs from them- too many infact!) so if you like this one the code number is 182826. Happy rug shopping- and don’t forget to like this page– (this is not a paid endorsement). Cheers!

5x7 $275 182826

Here’s a detail of the rug. The wool top is shaved down to create a worn and aged effect. Although only a 5’x 7′ size, it would be look fabulous layered on top of a larger sisal or seagrass carpet. And… at seven feet long, would be lovely hung on the wall as a headboard. So pretty!