The Day-Old Cinnamon Roll Makeover…

I love makeovers… mostly home decor makeovers. Today I did a makeover that was so inspiring I had to share. It all had to do with a day-old cinnamon roll I found in my fridge. I made them days ago. No longer gooey and fresh, I decided to give this lonely roll a culinary makeover.

French Toast1

The 1 day-old cinnamon roll. It was so lonely and needed some love so I obliged.


French toast2

I sliced the cinnamon roll horizontally into three slices. Slicing is easier when the roll is cold from the fridge- use a serrated bread knife for easier cutting.


French toast3

Make a soaking mixture of 2 eggs, dash of cinnamon and 1/2 cup of high-fat milk. mix well with a fork until mixed and foamy.


French toast4

Soak each slick in the egg bath. Soak 1 minute each side. The slice will become slightly soft so use a fork to remove.


French toast 5

Heat the pan with 1 tablespoon of butter. Carefully lay the 3 slices into the hot pan. Cook 2 minutes on each side.


French toast 6

The slices are now less fragile as the egg mixture helps to bind the swirled bread together; and the heat make that beautiful goo start running again- just like the fresh cinnamon bun!


French Toast7

Drizzle with a bit of maple syrup and sprinkle with some icing sugar for a sweet presentation.

French Toast8

My Brunch with Tyler Florence

Last month, the city of Toronto hosted its very first Food & Wine branded show at the Evergreen Brick Works. The weekend was filled with many acclaimed culinary experts, new products, food demonstrations and enthusiastic foodies delighting in the best that the culinary world has to offer. I was lucky to secure a ticket to an intimate class with chef Tyler Florence; host of many the Food Network’s most popular cooking shows.

The class started upstairs at the Loblaws cooking school for an intimate gathering of snacks,  Q/A’s, and a book signing. Then, we all moved downstairs into the centre of the mega-grocery store to cook with Tyler.


Tyler’s class was all about brunch; he showed us how to make the perfect Eggs Benedict. He had many tips and tricks that helped take the intimidation factor out of making the Bennies.


The Loblaws Cooking School, located at the corner of Church Street and Carlton (located within the old Maple Leaf Gardens- where hockey was  invented!!) is a dedicated school run by the food retailer and offers many affordable classes throughout the year.


The classroom within the school is very well equipped. That morning we used it only for our introductions, meet and greets, snacks and book signing. The class was very intimate with only 20 students- all of course, huge fans of Tyler!


We all lined up to get our book signed by Tyler. We was very gracious to pose for pictures too!


Someone in the class said Tyler could be my son. I did not befriend that person… and oddly, their eggs seized/hardened during class- I’m not a kitchen witch but my voodoo skills work very well when needed! :)


Tyler’s new book; Inside The Test Kitchen is an excellent instructional, informative cook book. And no, my ‘-brother-‘ did not borrow my glasses for his cover picture!

And, the recipes:






Moving downstairs into the store; Tyler took his instructional stage and lead us through the process of making Eggs Benedict.


Our cooking stations were fully equipped with all the supplies needed. Tyler went throughout the class to make sure everyone was making the perfect Eggs Benedict.


Here’s mine! I must admit- it was easy to make, looked great and tasted delicious.


This group’s eggs were horrifically over-cooked and hard. They obviously were not listening to Tyler during the instructional part of the cooking demonstration. Not to fear; these eggs will be used for egg salad sandwiches; lets start over!!!

DSC09836 2


Oh, I will… thanks Tyler!

May you enjoy brunch this weekend and if you need a good cup of coffee or a latte, check out my former blog featuring the best accessories to help acheive that. Franco (my imaginary barrista) will be happy to show you around!  KL9143896