Choosing the right size, style and usage of lighting seems to be one of the toughest things for homeowners to do; most people choose the wrong style and size. Here’s where this simple ‘Q & A’ style lesson will help most. Enjoy, KL


How far from the table do we hang the chandelier?
From the top of table to bottom of chandelier is 32-42 inches. Lower ceilings mean keeping it closer to 32 inches.

Pendant light height?
A pendant is hung 42-60 inches above a kitchen island or hobby work space.

How do know what size chandelier to buy?
Measure the width (not length) of your dining room. For each foot of width you get 2 inches of diameter for the chandelier. For instance, if your dining room is only 10 feet wide, then you should choose a chandelier that has the diameter of about 20 inches. If you have high ceilings then try to fill that space with a taller-shaped light fixture. If you have low ceilings then choose a more horizontal-shaped fixture.


How high should wall sconces be?
The standard height is 60 inches from floor. Raise it 2-6 inches higher if you have exceptional high ceilings.

What do you do if you have really high ceilings?
For each foot, add an extra 2 inches of height to any light fixture. Also consider that the higher the ceilings, the more volume you have to fill; a slightly larger-scaled light fixture will probably work best.

Double high foyer – How high should that be? Should I be able to see it only when i’m upstairs, or when i’m down in the foyer?
It should be viewed from the upstairs or 2/3 high into the overall space.


How high should our bedside lamp be?
Sit up in bed… The bottom of the lampshade should be ideally within 2 inches of your shoulder’s sitting height.

Does your bed size matter here in terms of measurement?
No, its the height of the bed, not how wide it is.

Floor lamp?
The shade needs to be higher than the back of your chairs. Floor/reading lamps should be 6-12 inches higher than the chair’s arm.

Lamp on side table beside the couch or chair?
Same rule as bed… Measure from the sitting height of your shoulder.


More for thought:

1/ Every room needs 3 types of lighting: Task, Overhead, Ambient.

2/ Dimmer switches help to create various moods throughout your home- a definite investment and worth while!

3/ Look for new LED lightbulbs that have soft-white light; much more flattering than the old ones.

4/ Lighting is like jewellery for the home- keep tones/finishes similar and look to your home’s architectural style to help influence the style- especially on lighting that is permanately installed.

5/ Got an old lamp? Add a new shade & a new coloured cord to give it new decorative life.

Toppings On The Tree

I’m not a fan of stars or angels on the top of a Christmas tree; its not a religious thing- I just have’nt found one that I have found intersesting enough. I am racking my brain as what to top my Christmas tree with this year.

Last year I topped it with a vintage tophat and red scarf- for a Dickens effect at the top of the tree. It was easy to do and was very effecive.

How do you decorate the top of your tree? I’d love to know. Also, if you find anything visually interesting, please let me know!

Here’s a cute tree-topper option; perhaps for the newly married couple? Anthropologie’s Owl Couplet Tree Topper, $88.
Owl Couplet Tree Topper, Anthropologie

And while we are on cuteness; these vintage salt and pepper shakers will bring a nod of the past on Christmas morning. Urban Outfitters’ Vintage-Inspired Elf Salt & Pepper Shakers, $18.
Vintage-Inspired Elf S&P, $18 UO

Let the hunt begin- I will report back in a week or two on what I have decided for this year’s tree topper. Happy Holidays, KL

Christmas in November @ Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge!


As many of you know, it’s been a long-standing tradition for me to present my favourite holiday decorating and entertaining trends along with beautiful crafty ideas each year at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge‘s 27th annual Christmas In November event. Situated in Alberta’s magnificent Jasper National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ‘land of a million Christmas trees’ simply is the perfect setting for enthusiastic guests with a penchant for decorating, entertaining and the very best of the season to be inspired to decorate and entertain with holiday flair at home.

JPL- Jasper

I can’t believe it: this is my 15th year as a seminar presenter! I am thrilled to be showcasing 2015’s three BIG holiday decor trends to the 1,500 attendees over the next two weeks, beginning November 6th. I’m so proud to be working with one of Canada’s largest Christmas retailers – Canadian Tire – a stylish destination for indoor & outdoor holiday decor. After previewing several retailer holiday offerings throughout the summer months, Canadian Tire won me over with its spectacular selection of realistic ‘everlasting’ trees, on-trend holiday ornaments, lighting and an impressive offering of Canvas-branded home decor items that are as beautiful as they are very well priced. Be sure to visit my blog often over the next few weeks to check out all the fun, tips, lessons, designer insight and tricks on how to incorporate my favourites into your very own holiday scheme! Look for the hashtag: #CHRISTMASWITHKARL for all my holiday updates.


I fly out to Edmonton this Wednesday morning and then take a four- hour drive into the Rocky Mountains. Arriving to the fabulous sights of snow-capped mountains, emerald green lakes and, of course, the rustic decor of the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge itself, each year it feels like a traditional homecoming for me. The Mountain Caesar (my favourite drink at the bar), the heated outdoor salt-water pool and the ultra-comfortable beds are just a few luxe highlights I’m looking forward to! It’s going be an exciting couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more! KL

Jasper PL lodge

To be a part of the festive fun from wherever you are, be sure to keep an eye out for #christmaswithkarl on Twitter (@KarlLohnes), Instagram (@TheKarlLohnesDaily) and on Facebook (Designer Karl Lohnes).