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The BIG’17 Decor Trends

Home Decor Trends for 2017

Every year we hear about new colours and styles introduced for our homes in the way of yearly trends. Some of the new styles are quick trends and others are longer-lasting. To find out what 2017 will bring us, I checked out CanGift’s 2017 Toronto Gift Fair (Canada’s largest wholesale house/giftware show) in search of the top 5 home decor trends for the upcoming year. Whether you are planning an upgrade, renovation or simply looking to refresh your home, here are the 5 biggest trends to look out for when decorating and renovating in 2017:


trend-1-paleFound at: INDABA exhibit (above)


-Soft pale colours are a return from the 1920’s and 1980’s (remember peach and mint green?).  -Team these colours with lots of dramatic neutrals like deep grey, black or espresso so not to make them appear too girly. -Use pale blues and greens in naturally dark spaces; the cooler colours help to reflect and bounce light around. -The larger the space, the richer/deeper the tone of the colour will need to be; otherwise it will simply disappear. -These colours also work best in small spaces where not a lot of colour is needed. Imagine a robin’s egg blue powder room, a pale creamy yellow nursery or a peachy laundry room! -Not sure if you could live with this trend? Try incorporating them into your home as bed sheets, some coffee mugs or throw pillows. -Short or lasting trend? SHORT


Found at: CELADON ART booth (above)

oversized-art-2-Large art helps the home decorator achieve one thing: a sightline or focal point in a room which is often needed when there is no artitecural focal point such as a fireplace or window with a view.-Big art also helps to create BIG-SCALE impact in a small space; without taking away any valuable floorspace. -Consider mirrors that same as art… keep in mind what they will be refelcting as that will be the subject matter! -It also helps to fill large, expansive wall spaces in spaces with very high ceilings. -Designer tip: when haning very large art, paint the back wall a dramatic or complimentary colour to the art; this trick will ‘grow’ the artwork even larger in the space. -Don’t add too many un-matched art pieces in one room. One. Focial. Point. At. A. Time. :) Short or lasting trend? LASTING


Found at: TIMBERS exhibit (above)

trend-3-handmade-2-The Etsy movement (handmade and handcrafted) has brought back the DIY trend from the early1980’s.-Mixing handmade items in a modern decor helps to soften the look and make it livable.-Simple touches of handmade can add charm and whimsy without costing a lot of money.-Designer rule: no more than 30% of your decor should be handmade! -Handmade items tend to have a lot of texture/colour/interest so keep the surrounding neutral as not to take away the uniquness of the crafted items. Short or lasting trend? SHORT


Found at: BOVI HOME (above)

gold-image-2-Brass has become a very popular metal tone over the past few years, now its brightening up to gold! -Keep your gold accents to a minimum; handles on cabinets, a small leg on furniture or a lamp; anything more will create the “Trump-effect”. – Teamed with dull colours like cream and grey; grey can look very special. -Designer note: this trend is not long-lasting. Look for bronze or ‘smoked brass’ (darker metal tones) as the next metal trend coming down the pipes… Short or lasting trend? SHORT


Found at: CARAVAN booth

marble-image-2-From countertops to table tops to accents, white marble is all the rage.-White marble can look very elegant when teamed with black and white, can look pretty when teamed with pastels.-White marble is a classic for bath tiles and traditional kitchen counters; not such a classic for furnishings and accessories. -Much of the small white marble home accessories are made in India; the reason for the high pricepoint? Breakage in during travel. -The nice thing about marble is that it can be recycled; ground-up and used other stone-like products like tiles. Short or lasting trend? LASTING


Isn’t it time to start decorating? Which of the 5 trends MIGHT you incorporate into your home this year? Have fun decorating… KL

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Choosing the right size, style and usage of lighting seems to be one of the toughest things for homeowners to do; most people choose the wrong style and size. Here’s where this simple ‘Q & A’ style lesson will help most. Enjoy, KL


How far from the table do we hang the chandelier?
From the top of table to bottom of chandelier is 32-42 inches. Lower ceilings mean keeping it closer to 32 inches.

Pendant light height?
A pendant is hung 42-60 inches above a kitchen island or hobby work space.

How do know what size chandelier to buy?
Measure the width (not length) of your dining room. For each foot of width you get 2 inches of diameter for the chandelier. For instance, if your dining room is only 10 feet wide, then you should choose a chandelier that has the diameter of about 20 inches. If you have high ceilings then try to fill that space with a taller-shaped light fixture. If you have low ceilings then choose a more horizontal-shaped fixture.


How high should wall sconces be?
The standard height is 60 inches from floor. Raise it 2-6 inches higher if you have exceptional high ceilings.

What do you do if you have really high ceilings?
For each foot, add an extra 2 inches of height to any light fixture. Also consider that the higher the ceilings, the more volume you have to fill; a slightly larger-scaled light fixture will probably work best.

Double high foyer – How high should that be? Should I be able to see it only when i’m upstairs, or when i’m down in the foyer?
It should be viewed from the upstairs or 2/3 high into the overall space.


How high should our bedside lamp be?
Sit up in bed… The bottom of the lampshade should be ideally within 2 inches of your shoulder’s sitting height.

Does your bed size matter here in terms of measurement?
No, its the height of the bed, not how wide it is.

Floor lamp?
The shade needs to be higher than the back of your chairs. Floor/reading lamps should be 6-12 inches higher than the chair’s arm.

Lamp on side table beside the couch or chair?
Same rule as bed… Measure from the sitting height of your shoulder.


More for thought:

1/ Every room needs 3 types of lighting: Task, Overhead, Ambient.

2/ Dimmer switches help to create various moods throughout your home- a definite investment and worth while!

3/ Look for new LED lightbulbs that have soft-white light; much more flattering than the old ones.

4/ Lighting is like jewellery for the home- keep tones/finishes similar and look to your home’s architectural style to help influence the style- especially on lighting that is permanately installed.

5/ Got an old lamp? Add a new shade & a new coloured cord to give it new decorative life.