My design deal of the week; or month, or year!

I love old, worn and faded carpets. To me they evoke history that tells a million stories. When the trend of vintage rugs became popular a few years ago, I was of course, in my glory! A vintage style area rug can cost anywhere from $1500 to $6000 (estimated for a 6×9 size, depending on fibre content, knots per square inch and overall strength condition). Here’s a close-up of the rug that just arrived at my house:


I recently ordered this blue, maroon and brown area rug online for my living room. It had the worn look that I love and gives a casual but luxurious vibe to my livingroom. Now, to find some pillows and a lux throw in matching colours! Of course there will be an updated blog (with a design lesson) on how to choose accessory colours coming soon… :)


A worn rug is a great option for busy households with children and pets. The aged look only gets better looking with daily abuse. This one is 100% wool and will last another lifetime.


So, what why was this rug a Design Deal, you ask? I purchased it online for $200. Yup, comparible rugs sell in fine carpet shops for 10-20 times more. Go to Thats where I found this fabulous rug- they have thousands to choose from. The rug was delivered to my door for free (it arrived within 3 days of ordering) and I have the option of returning it for free if I decide it does not work (but I love it)! Note: this rug sells on their site for $575 (still a fabulous bargain compared to $2500) and was on a 3-day blowout sale at an additional 70% off. eCarpetGallery often has ‘blow-outs’ on certain style of rugs and sends email alerts to let their customers know. Take a visit; I guarantee you will fall in love with one of the thousands of rugs displayed online… you will thank me later!

May all your Design Deals come true! KL



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Wednesday’s Style Deal

Every once in a while I like to test my designer eye and head to a discount store and see what I can find. On a recent trip to Niagara, Ontario I stopped at a Giant Tiger store. I found the store very well merchandised with great stuff for kids, outdoor living, clothing, staple food items and home decor. Spotted on an end isle display were these bath mats. The colour was great, quality very good (machine washable, 100% cotton and quality fibres) and larger in size which makes them perfect for in front of a sink or a long tub. Anyways… the price got me… $12. I would expect to find similar for a price of $35-75 in specialty bath store. Where could I find a stylish, well-made bath mat for less than $20? (if you know, please send a message!!!). So the lesson is… keep your designer-eye open as you never know what you might find. Until my next Style Deal post…


Another version that you can find at Giant Tiger online:

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 8.43.51 PM

Note: This post was not solicited by Giant Tiger in any way. KL