The Healthy Home… 2017

We tend to make new-year resolutions for our bodies, but rarely for the environments we live in. The resolution I made for my home this year is to: 1/ Organize, organize, organize (that will mean having a HUGE yard sale this spring and 2/ Clean, clean, clean… this might be the year I finally hire a regular cleaning person to help keep the dust under control!

I recently embarked on a national broadcast media tour throughout Canada; highlighting some interesting and innovative products and ideas to keep our homes clean and healthy. Here are the 6 products highlighted on my Healthy Home Tour:

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day:mrs-meyers-clean-day-household-cleaners-giveaway-open-to-canadians

Now available nationally (Metro, Sobeys and Canadian Tire, etc), these hard-working cleaning produts are derrived from plant-based materials (like coconut, corn and aloe) and are being introduced in 4 springtime garden scents such as lavender, lemon verbena, basil and honeysuckle (WAY better than most harsh-smelling cleaners on the market). I was very proud to introduce Canada to this wonderful new cleaning program which has now become a personal favourite of mine!

SodaStream POWER:sodastream-power-black-review_zpsvbpyjobq

The original SodaStream is now even more powerful! More carbonation, less effort… and a fun way to consume more water during the long, dry winter. I like to add citrus peel in my fizzy water to give it a fresh scent without the calories of fruit juice. Did you know that carbonated water is also good for rinsing clorine from your hair when swimming indoors during the winter?

Cosentino’s Silestone ETERNAL stone counters:silestoneSilestone’s ETERNAL  countertop material is man-made of quartz yet looks like natural stone. This stone also has a surface protectant called N-Boost Technology (specific to Silestone) which helps repel liquids and is virtually scratch, stain and impact resistant. This is such great innovation; certainly something worth considering when adding or replacing countertops in your home!

iRobot ROOMBA 620 Vaccum:roomba-620-4

This roaming vaccum is the perfect companion for someone who hates to do housework or, has back/hip issues and cannot push a vaccum cleaner around. The iRobot ROOMBA 620 provides a full 2x cleaning process in any given room and is great for carpet, tile or wood flooring. AND… its available for a very special price of $398 exclusively at Walmart Canada.

Lampe Berger Paris:cantiknya-lampe-berger


Desinged and patented in the late 1800’s,  Lampe Berger Paris was invented to kill odurs in Parisian hosptials. Simply fill the lamp’s base with the home fragrance liquid (there are many scents to choose from and also non-scented), add the wick; light the wick for 2 minutes and then blow the flame out… the heated wick then gets busy removing odours out of the air! I tested it at my own home with the Fried Fish test… worked like a charm in only 20 minutes! There is a very large variety of lamp styles to choose from and they make wonderful house-warming gifts.

Nespresso’s capsule recycling program:nespresso-recycling

Exclusive to the city of Montreal and Laval, luxury espresso company Nespresso has introduced at-home recycling for their used aluminum capsules. Fill the bright green bag (which Nespresso will mail to you with your orders, or you can request the bags at the Nespresso boutiques/cafes for free) with your used capsules then place with your weekly recycling. The aluminum capsules and espresso grounds are sorted and separated, with the aluminum being recycled into other uses such as aluminum water bottles and cell phone cases while the grounds are made into composte pucks to help enrich the soil. To the rest of Canada; FEAR NOT! Nespresso Canada has a recycling program in place to allow you to recycle your capsules too!

Here’s one of my television segments: The 2017 Healthy Home Tourhealthy-home

Look for me on your local television morning shows this spring ’17 as I embark on my Spring Refresh Tour; good things that will refresh the look of your home for spring/summer! KL


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STYLE & STUFF; as it happens…



This morning I visited Marilyn Denis and Roger Ashby at 104.5 ChumFM for some lively gossip and style fun happening now. Here’s a quick rundown… in case you missed it! You can visit their website (linked above) and listen to the podcast in the 8:15-8:30 time spot.

kendall-1024x641WHEN SCIENCE MEETS DECORATING: Apparently, Baker-Miller Pink (also known as Drunk Tank Pink) is the only colour scientifically proven to calm nerves and suppress the appetite. With that in mind, reality star/model Kendall Jenner has reportedly used the colour to paint her living room wall… stay calm and slim for 2017!



50-year old Cindy Crawford is back gracing the pages of magazines as the new face of Silestone by Cosentino, a quartz countertop company. The magazine print campaign launches this spring and the manufacturers are hoping that her super-model status will help make their countertops sexy in the eyes of consumers. Cindy also has a line of furniture with The Brick, in Canada…



A recent study discovered the peak-age that consumers stop shopping at the following stores: Lowes: 54, Home Depot: 48, Restoration Hardware: 44, Crate & Barrel: 31, IKEA: 24. BTW: the age that most consumers are willing to give up their IKEA furnishings is 34. :)




From mid-January to mid March most major retailers will be clearing bedding, duvets and pillows. Traditionally called The White Sales, expect savings of 30-75%. Its the perfect time to consider new bedding essentials for the cottage this summer…




Anyone who grocery shops downtown pays a premium! Penguin Pick-Up has started a program called ‘Walmart Grocery Pick-Up‘. You shop for groceries online and they deliver the order to one of about 10 pick-up locations in the downtown area. No more driving to the suburbs to save money on groceries. I’ve done comparisons and discovered and average of 25% savings.



The 18th annual Interior Design Show launches this Thursday evening with an opening night party. Tickets are $56 and proceeds will go to the GTA Habitat For Humanity. The opening party has become the place to be for design-ificinados and a great fundraiser! On Friday the IDS is open to design professionals only and then the show opens to the public for the Saturday and Sunday.

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