Candlelit Christmas Trees




I am a child of the 1960’s and for as long as I can remember, my family always put lights (and quite often the symbol of a candle) on the Christmas trees we would have in our home. Whether in the form of a glass-blown ornament, an electric bubble light or cardboard decoration, I was always told “it was a German thing” to have candles on the Christmas tree… not sure how true that is, but I found this online:

“In the 17th century, the Germans combined the two elements and the tradition of illuminating the Christmas tree with candles began (legend has it that Martin Luther, inspired by a starry Christmas Eve sky, lit the first tree a century earlier, but the first documented references to a lit tree come from 1660).”

Candles were like beauty: sometimes hot and sometimes dangerous! :)


I was shopping at Lowe’s for some last minute holiday decor items and found these clip-on LED candles (each candle requires a AAA batery -not included with the candles). They are part of the Holiday Living Collection from Lowe’s and come in a package of 10. They also includes a remote / clicker that can turn the lights on or off and can adjust the speed of the flickering ‘flame’ bulb. I found them in the holiday home decor section (where they sell LED pillar candles and ornaments).




My tree, still waiting for 1100 warm white lights and 650 gold ornaments!


I bought 6 packages (60 candles total) for my 10 foot tree. I wish I had bought 4 more packages, to have 100 candles to fill the tree. The battery-operate LED candles are so much safer than real candles or event the old-style bulbs that get hot when left on over time. I already know how I am going to use these next year in my home… stay tuned!

PS: I hear there is a sale on right now… perhaps I will make it back. When my tree is completely decorated then I will post again. Until then, happy holidays and keep shining! KL



“Choo-choo”… the CP Holiday Train is coming!

The 18th annual CP Holiday Train will be helping communities and raising awareness of hunger-related issues. For the full schedule of arrivals near your town, click HERE.


As in years past, two trains will operate coast-to-coast under the Holiday Train banner, with approximately 150 shows held in November and December. The all-Canada train’s first shows will launch late November in Montreal and the final show of the tour will take place Dec. 17 at Port Coquitlam, B.C.



This will be my first year attending the train’s arrival in Toronto. What could be more magcial than a 750 foot train, full decorated and lighted train with entertainment? Certainly a nice way to give back and get into the holiday spirit! Thanks, CP! 


Christmas In July -with Karl!

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I LOVE Christmas. This past July I had an incredible opportunity to create a Christmas Wonderland in my Toronto townhouse. My home was decorated to showcase the Holiday ’16 offerings to the media; exclusively from Walmart Canada. I had a blast assisting the art directors, buyers, public relations specialists and of course hosting the media throughout my home. The house took on a very elegant and festive mood for 2 weeks in July… here’s 3 quick snapshot decor ideas in the townhouse; welcome to Christmas In July!

Walmart Holiday Preview  copy

In my small dining area we assembled a slim tree to fill one of the empty corners. Slim trees are perfect for creating an on-trend or themed tree in foyers, guest rooms or in any empty corner of the house. I decorated the tree with a colour combination of pewter, gold and champagne ornaments; all colours inpspired by my Wedgwood’s Fabled Crane drapery fabric (available through JF Fabrics). I also added similarily coloured Christmas crackers to the tree! This is now an interactive tree for small children or when I have a buffet; everyone can help themselves to a fun, little gift. (Glitter placemats, White-fur window wreaths, Fur-collared reindeer, Tree ornaments and Crackers: Walmart. Florals are from Bruno Duarte at Fresh Floral Creations-stylishly incorporating simple Walmart holiday ornaments).



Adding garland and decor to a stair banister is always challenging; especially when there is only one hand rail. I came up with the idea of hanging the garland along the steps so not to take up the handrail. Adding simple silver and gold tree ornaments (they were all unbreakable) allowed for a festive staircase without the high-traffic concerns.



And the simplest idea of them all: hang a beaded snowflake ornament (any flat-style tree ornament will do) from the on/off switch on your lamps. A nice was to add a festive touch to an already gorgeous lamp! (Beaded snowflake oranament: Walmart. Lotus lamp by Barbara Barry )