Colour Inspiration: Pretty Flowers Inspire A Decor Palette

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I am always inspired by the beauty I find around me. From an old painted doorway in Montreal, the colours of stained concrete on the sidewalks of New York to a beautiful floral arrangement; sometimes nature (teamed with  years of patina) can inspire some beautiful colour inspirations. My long-time friend Lisa Tant (Canada’s reigning fashion influencer) recently posted a Facebook picture of a floral arrangement she had seen at a Chloe fashion event. Apparently, the colours matched the jacket she was wearing. Lisa is always ahead of the fashion trends so look for these colours emerging into the fashion (and home decor) forum soom. From that arrangement I saw dusty, soft, pretty colours that would work perfectly in a bathroom, dressing or guest room. The drab-creamy Marble Canyon is a favourite of mine. Here are the colours that inspired me:



Hazey Lilac, 2116-40, Benjamin Moore Paints

Hazey Lilac 2116-40



Marble Canyon, /227, Benjamin Moore Paints

Marble Canyon 227



Soft Cranberry, /2094-40, Benjamin Moore Paints

Soft Cranberry 2094-40


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Colour Inspiration: At Twenty-Thousand Feet






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I often look at other’s images posted on Facebook or Instagram and get inspired by the colours that nature has teamed together. In today’s edition of Colour Inspriation, I found a picture that my friend JT recently posted on Facebook; a picture he snapped when flying from Toronto to New York. Who could ever imagine those brilliant colours coming together?  Sitting beside the wings means one thing for JT -he wasn’t seated in first class… but he’s got a million dollar view on that flight! Thanks JT for the photo!

John Thompson

We all see different colours and I bet you would find other colours to pull from this picture. I always love to find the darkest neutral (grey) the brightest colour (red) and then a soothing or calm colour (blue) to round things out. I think all three colours would look fabulous as patterned fabric for draperies or even a fun, geometirc area rug. Here’s my inspiration colours listed; I used the Benjamin Moore Paints colour chart for this week’s edition of Colour Inspiration.

Franklin Lakes Blue by Benjamin Moore Paints

BM Franklin Lakes


Red by Benjamin Moore Paints:


Ashland Slate Grey by Benjamin Moore Paints

BM Ashland Slate