Salt Stains Are Gone!

I’ve just returned from my winter Healthy Home Tour, a national television media tour that took me to Vancouver, Calgary, Hamilton, Kitchener, Ottawa and Montreal. During the past few weeks I have visited various television morning shows and taught viewers how to create a healthier home with some new and innovative products. Here’s a picture of me on one of my tours while visiting CTV in Vancouver last Fall:


I try to pack light for my tours; which often means having only 1 pair of shoes or boots. The enemy of any shoe during the winter is salt. In order to keep my shoes looking clean I use the old trick of wiping them with vinegar. Its the simplest, fastest and easiest way to instantly get dried salt off shoes and boots.


A paper napkin from Starbucks and a vinegar pack from A&W will do the trick! (non-recycable napkins work best as they hold together longer than the recyclable ones will). I keep a large Zip-Lock bag filled with straws, napkins, sugar packs, plastic utensils, vinegar, mustard and hot-sauce packets, a cheap can opener, etc. in my tour suitcase; you just never know when something will come in handy while travelling!


Other reasons to swipe at few vinegar packets when on the road:




1/ Clean your laptop keys and screen. A napkin, a vinegar packet and a few wipes will give you a cleaner screen and remove the keyboard grunge.

2/Disenfect the hotel kettle or coffee maker. Its all about removing bacteria and de-scaling the machines. One packet of vinegar, some water and a quick rinse… alway rinse with fresh water afterwards to rid vinegar taste.

3/Clean your travel mug. Don’t forget the lid! Vinegar helps to kill the bacteria.

4/Remove annoying scale from hotel irons. Pour one packet in the iron with some water. Heat and steam, then pour out the liquid. All those little scale pieces will be removed!

5/Freshen up musty luggage. Soak a paper napkin and leave in your empty luggage overnight for a fresher-smelling travel companion!

6/Cider vinegar (packets available at fish & chip shops) is a great hair detangler, facial toner, deodorant, even a mouthwash in a pinch!

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