Baked Beans -a la Karl

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I have always loved the dark, sweet taste of Boston-style baked beans. Although very easy to make, it’s something I rarely serve up. I have investigated many recipes and revised them into one that I think is really tasty. I’ve added a few unexpected ingredients that I think make the dish stand out as a winner.


Baked beans make an excellent late-night dinner served with toast or along side left-over pork. They are an excellent source of protein but keep in mind the recipe holds a lot of sweetness. It’s also an impressive accompanyment at breakfast or brunch – serve it along side eggs, toast, cheese and sausage for an English-style breakfast.

This is a very inexpensive dish to make (total cost for the ingredients was about $8) and is easy to make. Here’s the recipe:


3 cans of navy beans total: 2 cans drained, 1 can with liquid.

1 cup…

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