Candlelit Christmas Trees




I am a child of the 1960’s and for as long as I can remember, my family always put lights (and quite often the symbol of a candle) on the Christmas trees we would have in our home. Whether in the form of a glass-blown ornament, an electric bubble light or cardboard decoration, I was always told “it was a German thing” to have candles on the Christmas tree… not sure how true that is, but I found this online:

“In the 17th century, the Germans combined the two elements and the tradition of illuminating the Christmas tree with candles began (legend has it that Martin Luther, inspired by a starry Christmas Eve sky, lit the first tree a century earlier, but the first documented references to a lit tree come from 1660).”

Candles were like beauty: sometimes hot and sometimes dangerous! :)


I was shopping at Lowe’s for some last minute holiday decor items and found these clip-on LED candles (each candle requires a AAA batery -not included with the candles). They are part of the Holiday Living Collection from Lowe’s and come in a package of 10. They also includes a remote / clicker that can turn the lights on or off and can adjust the speed of the flickering ‘flame’ bulb. I found them in the holiday home decor section (where they sell LED pillar candles and ornaments).




My tree, still waiting for 1100 warm white lights and 650 gold ornaments!


I bought 6 packages (60 candles total) for my 10 foot tree. I wish I had bought 4 more packages, to have 100 candles to fill the tree. The battery-operate LED candles are so much safer than real candles or event the old-style bulbs that get hot when left on over time. I already know how I am going to use these next year in my home… stay tuned!

PS: I hear there is a sale on right now… perhaps I will make it back. When my tree is completely decorated then I will post again. Until then, happy holidays and keep shining! KL



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