A Swedish Christmas experience…

This past weekend my friend Lis and I attended the annual Swedish Christmas Market located at the Harbourfront Centre, Toronto Canada. Lis introduced me to the event about 5 years ago and its now become a must-visit every holiday season. The market is part of a larger Swedish Christmas Fair that Toronto’s Harbourfront hosts with SWEA (Swedish Womens’s Educational Association International). There’s a Pipi Lonstocking Movie Marathon, Lucia Pageant, Kids Swedish Arts and Crafts PLUS the Swedish Cafe which has many delicious treats to eat.

Here’s a few pictures from the market plus some inspirational holiday images I found  on the world web (not my photos). I hope these images encourage you to attend the festival next year and to learn more about the Swedish culture during the holidays.

I recognized this lady who has been volunteering for many years at the market. Her wardrobe is traditionally Swedish and she was very kind to let me snap a photo with her.


You will find all generations working at the market. Their wardrobes help to create an authentic Swedish feeling to the event.


A giant Christmas tree acts a a guidepost for folks to meet at… it stands in the middle of the event. Simply decorated… thats the Swedish way!


Almost every attendee comes to buy the authentic Swedish imported food items. From cookies, crackers, pickled fish to Daim chocolates, there is often a very long lineup to purchase some of the Swede’s favourites! Yum!


One of the handmade crafted gnomes… a holiday symbol similar to North America’s Christmas elf.


A Christmas tree with the national flag motif.


And just in case you are stranded in Sweden during the holidays; you’ll get by with this chart:


A traditional Christmas wish card meaning ‘Happy Christmas’:


Yes, people wear candles on their heads in Sweden.



Red is a favourite colour in Sweden. Imagine greeting Santa at the door while staying in this charming snow-covered house!!! :)


A classic Swedish style holiday table set-up. Casual, cheery and bright!



…and a very God Jul to you and yours! KL717068677_o


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