Holiday Vintage Metallic Jars

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Holiday Metallic Jars


Christmas day will be here in no time so lets get started on some simple and stylish projects that don’t cost a lot of money. I love this one; metallic Mason jars; something that can be used year-round but looks particularily great during the holiday time.

Holiday Vintage Metallic Jars

DSC08032 2Needed: Various sized Mason-style jars; preferably with raised lettering or designs on the outside, metallic spray paint such as Krylon, a medium sand paper, floral sprigs or votive candles.

Assembly is easy: 1/ Wash and dry the jars inside and out. 2/ Spray the outside of the jars with 2-3 very thin spray coats of paint; letting dry between each spray. Note: do this outside for good ventillation. I find that spraying within a large cardboard box helps keep any overspray contained. 3/ Once completely dried, lightly sand away some of the…

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