Your Design Dilemmas: Tiny Spaces!!!

The Karl Lohnes Daily

I often get people asking me for decor and design advice. Over the years I have answered thousands of questions for the readers of Style At Home, Homemakers, Canadian Living, House Beautiful, Metro News and at home & gardens shows across North America. I love getting/reading decor questions as it keeps me abreast of the decorating dilemmas people deal with. This most recent question has been asked many, many times:


Q: I live in a tiny 2-bedroom townhouse that has many little rooms on two floors. I want to invest in new furnishings and need some tips on what I should purchase.

A: You can really live large (and have style) in a small space. I always say that any piece of furniture brought into a small space should have double or triple duty. Here are my list of the best pieces that can go many places and will be…

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