DESIGNER DEAL of the week!

Only a few days left!

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I know everyone loves a deal. This week’s Designer Deal comes from Homesense and it’s all about small electrical appliances! Lets face it, appliances rarely go on sale and if they do, its a measly 15% off from those regular retailers.


There’s no easier way to spruce up your kitchen than to add new appliances (especially when they are designed right). A pop of colour helps to liven up the space and might just make you a better chef and entertainer!

Here’s a few of my faves that will be at the sale:

If you do not have a stand mixer then how are you making those lemon meringue tarts and homemade marshmallows? Red is the classic… run for this one!


Toast is just so… brown. Time to liven up your mornings with a retro classic toaster!


I love this design- takes me back to the early 70’s… even the…

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