My Townhouse Upper Terrace Makeover, in Canadian Living magazine

As Fall sets in, I say ‘thanks for the memories’ to my little 3rd floor terrace.

The Karl Lohnes Daily

Last summer I embarked on 2 outdoor makeovers at my townhouse. With a tight-budget and grandious ideas in mind, I set out to create two very different outdoor spaces; 1 for dining on a small ground-level deck and a space for entertaining on a sunny upper terrace. As the lower deck was in dire need of demolition, I spent the majority of my budget on that (this will be featured in an upcoming blog post). The upper terrace was purly cosmetic… outdoor carpeting, paint and a few small luxuries to make climbing the 3 flights of stairs worthwhile.

Here’s a picture of the ‘BEFORE’ terrace… a space I had only used to store my bike.

Terrace before

Here is the ‘AFTER’… brighter, fresher and a completely different space! The artificial shag grass is from Home Depot (less than $400) and the electric fireplace is from Dimplex; an industry leader in electric…

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