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Choosing the right size, style and usage of lighting seems to be one of the toughest things for homeowners to do; most people choose the wrong style and size. Here’s where this simple ‘Q & A’ style lesson will help most. Enjoy, KL


How far from the table do we hang the chandelier?
From the top of table to bottom of chandelier is 32-42 inches. Lower ceilings mean keeping it closer to 32 inches.

Pendant light height?
A pendant is hung 42-60 inches above a kitchen island or hobby work space.

How do know what size chandelier to buy?
Measure the width (not length) of your dining room. For each foot of width you get 2 inches of diameter for the chandelier. For instance, if your dining room is only 10 feet wide, then you should choose a chandelier that has the diameter of about 20 inches. If you have…

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