My Secret Recipe: Montreal Bagels

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One of my favourite cities to visit is Montreal in Quebec, Canada. They have some very unique culinary delights in Quebec; like poutine (French fries, cheese and gravy), many smoked meat deli shops (one noteably owned by Canadian singing sensation Celine Dion called Schwartz’s Deli on St. Laurent Street) and well, Montreal bagels are just the best; soft, chewy, smokey and sweet – quite simply, pure heaven!

The production line at St. Viateur Bagels, Montreal:


My favourite place in Montreal to get handmade bagels is St. Viateur Bagel. I’ve been itching to make them at home, so on my last trip to Montreal I visited 2 different St. Viateur locations and watched as the bakers rolled, boiled and baked their bagels to perfection. After two attempts, I have perfected a recipe and process and am thrilled to share the recipe and technique with you. These bagels are chewy and have a…

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