Fire And Ice Ball Centerpiece



Christmas day is next week; my time is being crunched and I seem to be getting more stressed over shopping, prepping and organizing the house for all the holiday parties and the big day ahead. I want everything to be easy… and still stylish so I’ve come up with some inspiring decor touches that you and/or your kids can have fun doing in little time and with little money.

Each day until Christmas I will post a simple & stylish holiday decor idea that can help get your home in holiday-shape over the next nine days. All projects are affordable and easy (level 1). We will celebrate day four of the ‘Twelve-Daze‘ series with a table centrepiece that allows you to view candle flame in a whole new way! Once you make this you will do it year after year!

Fire & Ice Centerpiece:


Needed: Rosebowl or round vase, tall skinny glass, clear florist’s quality cellophane, water, a votive candle or holiday floral sprigs.

Assembly is easy: 1/ place skinny glass in the middle of the vase. It’s height should be similar to the top lip of the vase. 2/ Cut the cellophane into large squares, scrunch up tighly and pack around the glass (like your are insulating the sides of the glass within the vase). Carefully pour water over the cellophane until it reaches the top of the glass- you will need about 3 times more water than you think. 3/ Add a votive candle (LED votives work great too) in the bottom of the glass. Note: if using a real candle, add a few tablespoons of water to the bottom of the glass – it will act as an insulator as the candle burns and the glass will not crack with any extreme heat, Also, by adding the water, the water will help pop any hardended wax out of the bottom of the glass. 5/ You could also treat the glass as a vase by forgoing the candle and adding flowers; giving it the look of the stems frozen in a round block of ice.

Here’s another example of a Fire & Ice Ball Centerpiece that I made a few years ago:


I hope you have fun with this one- SO many of my friends have tried and loved it- I know you will too!

I look forward to posting another simple idea tomorrow- HINT: Christmas Project for DAZE #8 will most likely include a top hat – see you tomorrow with another easy-breezy holi-dazed project! Enjoy! KL

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