2015 Holiday Craft: Cloche

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A simple holiday arrangement: Fashionable ornaments are displayed under the protection of an over-sized modern glass cloche (photo: Heather Kuchma).

Inspired by the traditional glass domes once used to help protect young plantings in the garden, cloches seem to be all the rage in home decor. They’re a wonderful way to display decorative items, vignettes or memories, and look particularly nice displayed on mantels, the kitchen island or a low coffee tables this season. The CANVAS Glass Bird Cloche from Canadian Tire is a stand-out; the solid white wooden base and the delicate bird detail give it such a sweet look (the base could be painted an accent colour if you are so inclined, and the bird acts as a great handle when carrying the cloche). I’ve been dreaming of a few different ways to use it over the holidays and came up with a couple simple treatments. Being here at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge for Christmas In November has inspired me to create a glamourous yet woodsy look by using natural elements I found on the grounds of the Lodge.

Blog # 2 Photo 1Inspiration can be found anywhere when decorating at holiday time. Here, a fallen branch with pinecones helps add natural beauty and a wonderful smell. I decided to incorporate it into my cloche arrangement.

Blog #2 Photo 2

And then I added a few nature-inspired store-bought items. In addition to the Cloche, I selected this gorgeous Silver Pearl Glass Acorn Ornament and a large indoor/outdoor Green Bronzed Acorn Ornament – both from Canadian Tire’s CANVAS collection.
Blog #2 Photo 3

Rough-chopped kindling, a pine cone branch and a few small ornaments are all you need to make an attractive holiday centrepiece in a cloche. The secret to arranging the supplies is to place the items into the cloche from the top to the bottom. Add the bottom and turn the cloche over, and – there you have it – the finished product!

Blog #2 Photo 4

As you can see, the simplest of elements always make the most beautiful cake! (photo: Heather Kuchma). The items I used were found in and inspired by nature, but you could also fill the cloche with coloured ornaments; perhaps a nutcracker with some pinecones or Santa’s Village and artificial snow.


I hope you find a wonderful way to use a cloche this holiday season! Would love to see photos – tag me on Twitter (@karllohnes), Instagram (@thekarllohnesdaily) or Facebook (Designer Karl Lohnes). Happy crafting!

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