Holiday 2015 Decor Trends


I’ve settled in at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge and the Christmas In November event is in full festive swing! I’ve been presenting 2015 holiday decor trends, and a portion of my presentation highlights my top three Christmas tree looks. I’m thrilled to be working with the Canadian Tire holiday collection; the ornaments are breathtaking – quirky, classic, modern and marvellous – and the tremendous assortment of pre-lit everlasting trees is impressive. Really beautiful products and well thought out ideas for decorating this year. I’m loving working with them, and can hardly wait to get home and tackle my own Christmas tree! Here are my top three tree looks:

A Blue Christmas:Blue Christmas

A Blue Christmas is what I’m calling my first designer tree. Teal and turquoise are currently all the rage in the decorating world and now has hit holiday decor in a very big way. Blue reinvents itself every 20 to 30 years in holiday decor (remember the baby blue ornaments from the 60’s and navy in the 90’s?). The trick to working with blue is to team it up with many layers of different tones and similar colours. From navy to baby blue, layering various blue colours and tones together will keep this trend looking interesting and fresh. The tree I chose to display this colour palette on is the NOMA Cypress Pre-Lit Christmas Tree. We haven’t seen a white flocked green tree for a long time, and I think it helps support the vintage feel of the many blue colours being mixed together here. At 7-ft and bearing 250 warm LED lights (65 snowball + 185 bulbs), it’s self-shaping, less than 10 lbs, and contains 762 tips for ample hanging of those gorgeous ornaments.



50 Shades of Holiday Grey:50 Shades of Grey

Grey is, of course, the hottest neutral colour in home decorating at the moment. This trend of grey holiday decor is most likely a short-lived one so, if you like it, load up this year! Grey looks particularly good with strong colours like deep berry, rich copper, charcoal and black. If grey as a holiday shade is too solemn or intimidating for you to redecorate your entire tree with, consider five or six statement ornaments prominently displayed in a crystal bowl on a coffee table. Delicate balls with studs and sequins, white lace overlay reminiscent of cake fondant, lots of glass and even a nature-inspired jewelled acorn, it’s a wonderful way to inject a little modernity into your home without committing a new decor scheme. I took a different approach to the traditional tree and paired this colour palette with the NOMA Pre-Lit Bathurst Spruce Potted Tree. At just 5 ft and potted in a sleek white wooden box, it’s indoor-outdoor flexibility makes it an outstanding option for those whom don’t have space for a full tree in their home or are keen decorate a second tree outdoors (they are also suitable to be used on a covered porch outside). The 150 clear incandescent lights give a bright glow and the 692 tips mean you can load this baby up with all the baubles you desire!




Festive Gold Rush! :Gold Rush

Gold actually never goes away in the world of Christmas decor. However, for some time now it has taken a back seat to the silver tones. Just like in home decor, brass and gold have made their way back but, unlike the former gold trend being traditional, gold sings a modern song this time around. Gold is being mixed with cream, off-white, copper and bronze tones for a warm glow in the home with lots of sparkle. For the perfect art deco modern feel and avant-garde look for the fashion-forward individual, I selected the NOMA Alaskan Pre-Lit Black Christmas Tree. This one is also 7ft, and emits a radiant glow with its 500 clear incandescent lights. It’s an indoor-only tree, and contains nearly 900 tips. That’s a lot of gold!

NOMA Alaskan Pre-Lit Black Christmas Tree, 7 feet


Which tree colour combination is your favourite?

Karl Close Crop


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