Time To Warm Up Those Floors!

Woke up today and realized that soon, there will be a need to get the furnace roaring to keep the house warm at night. As I walked into the bathroom I was immediately woken up by the freezing stone tiles on the floor- BRRR! Time for some heat and a few bath mats scattered around to warm up those chilly-toed mornings. Here’s a list of some whimsical mats featured today in my Design Centre column in Metro News Canada; which would you choose to have underfoot?

Bath mats




Empower yourslef every morning and remeber: You are a natural beauty! ‘I Woke Up Like This’ Bath Mat, $42, UrbanOutfitters





Shower yourself with the ultimate preppy bath accessory. Lacoste Bath Mat, $50, TheBay




Have a whale of a time while pampering yourself, Victorian Whale Bat Mat, $58, Anthropologie




design-centre-wash-bath-mat.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoBest trending hashtag for the day; Microdry Memory #WASH Bath Mat, $15, BedBathAndBeyond





This one’s a magnet for sailors. Marine Anchor Bath Mat, $20, Simons






Get your Darth-Vader clean. Star Wars Bath Rug, $35, Sears

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