The Crown, The Queen: A Long-Reigning, Royal Subject.


I just finished watching Netflix’s series, The Crown. It gave me the same warm-fuzzies as Downton Abbey did. Here’s a post about the Queen from last year, enjoy! KL


Queen Elizabeth, taken at Buckingham Palace in July 2015. photo by Mary McCartney

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015: Queen Elizabeth II has now suceeded her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria as the longest-reigning queen in Britain’s modern history. Her 63 years and 7 months as queen has dealt with much of the 20th century issues; wars, automobiles, air travel, technology… many things that most of us simply take for granted.

In celebration, here are a few of my mixed-medium Queen art pieces I have done over the past 5 years. Many have their own story. Enjoy!

My first multi-media Queen Art piece ‘It’s All Mine Now, 53’ was created by photographing an original portrait, printing, painting, digitally enhancing and then printing onto canvas. This piece was a big success as it was commissioned to be printed limited-edition for Crate & Barrel’s CB2 stores in North America. It sold out within a month, yet I have never seen a reproduction anywhere! If you ever see one PLEASE let me know!

QUEEN 191.844

Home furnishings retailer CB2 enlarged the art and produced it on canvas that was 4′ by 5′ in size- you need a BIG wall to display something like this! Here’s a prototype sitting in front of my sofa at home:

Queen print, 4'x5'

My most beloved queen art is a one-off called Queen Ghost. Its the queen printed on stainless steel and framed in a traditional gold-ball framing. She’s ghostly at night when her skin reflects the light! I could not wait to hang her in my unfinished foyer-entrance at the townhouse (I guess its time I remove some painter’s green tape, huh?).


I made this special version for a dear friend called Queen-Eh?. Its homage to everything Canadian; from The Hudson Bay, the moose and of course; our queen. Photo is a bit rough, but you get the idea!

Queen Moose

Here’s one version I made for my Mom called Queen Mom. It was a Mother’s Day gift. Mom thinks I made the Queen look ‘far too haggared’…

Queen Mothers Work...

This one was done as special wedding gift called Queen-Quotes. It was meant to repeat a famous quote from the Queen and be slightly late 80’s punk in style.

Annus Horribillis 92

Heres a painting that I did to represent both Queen Elizabeth and Marilyn Monroe called Queen Blonde. Did you know that each was born in the same year (1926) and in 1952 Marilyn wore the most expensive collection of diamonds while shooting Gentlemen Prefer Blondes & in the same year Elizabeth wore Europe’s most-expensive collection of diamonds for her corronation… ?


This Queen Red painting was commissioned for another friend’s wedding. It is also being reproduced and wholesaled to retailers by Celadon Art. The reprouctions are being sold throughout North America at stores like Elte Carpets in Toronto, Canada.

Queen- Sherman & Julius

On display at the Elte MKT, Toronto.


A second colour version called Queen Teal is also on the market! This one was commisioned for a good friend of mine and is also being reproduced by Celadon Art and sold to retailers.
image001 2

A reproduction Queen Teal was sent to NYC last spring for auction on It was autographed by award-winning actress Dame Helen Merrin who was playing the leading role of the queen in The Audience on Broadway.


Here was the listing… believe it or not, the signed art was purchased from someone in Canada… that painting clocked about 2000 miles to finally get to its righful owner! :)

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 3.43.55 PM

Reproductions of the Queen Teal are available for sale at Black Rooster Decor in Toronto.


To find a retailer who sells the Queen Red or Queen Teal, contact Celadon Art. Thanks for reading and have a royally-artful week! Long live the Queen! KL

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