My Visit To Canada’s Most Popular Radio Station…



My attempt at a selfie in the Green (or ‘white room’ in this case) Room at 104.5 ChumFM.


The Green Room wall houses all sorts of fascinating pictures of the stars who visit ChumFM.


An original CHUM sign was moved and attached to a newer location about 10 years ago.

Every month or so I head to 104.5 ChumFM radio in Toronto and chat with the morning show hosts about a home decor/style topic. ChumFM is a world-known leader in radio and the most listen-to radio station in Canada. The radio segment, which airs live on Thursdays around 8:20am is called All About Style with Marilyn Denis.


Talk and radio show host, Marilyn Denis. (photo supplied)

Marilyn and I have known each other for many, many years through television, magazine and radio media work. She is a long time friend and has always been very supportive of my media adventures over the years. She is a well-known television and radio host who works the radio morning show with Roger Ashby and Darren B. Lamb. Together this threesome of talent have a lot of fun and keep everyone in the Greater Toronto Area (and worldwide online) smiling during their commute to work. Marilyn also host’s CTV’s The Marilyn Denis Show, the number one daytime talk show in Canada.


Posing in the DJ booth at ChumFM.

This week I was with Roger, Darren and Marilyn chatting about the decor trends of 2015; which trends will live on -and which trends won’t hold on. (dated Thursday, August 27, 2015).


My view while chatting on-air. Marilyn sits directly to my left and Darren to my right. Roger sits across from me; under the 104.5 Chum sign and hold court as the ‘King Of Radio”. He really is a legend in the broadcasting industry and I am in awe everytime I get to speak on the radio along side him.

Click HERE to listen to the interview or see below for an abbreviated version of the 2015 decorating trends and my thoughts on whether they would be sticking around or not:

Which 2015 Home Decor Trends Will Survive?

At the beginning of each year the home decor trends are announced and we start seeing colours, styles and products creep into the decor stores and eventually into our homes.
Here’s a list of the top six 2015 decor trends; and whether they went dead in the water or are considered keepers (decor photography is borrowed, not mine).

#1 Big Sectional Sofas: KEEPER
Invented in the 1970’s, they have made their return into family rooms (to fill large spaces) and into condo living rooms where maximum comfort seating is needed within a small space. This trend is a keeper; and eventually evolving back to large-scale sofas and chairs (similar to what we saw in the 1980’s). TIP: Keep in mind that sectional sofas should be considered somewhat custom to a room; there is usually only one configuration that works within any given space- limiting the ability to move furniture around to get a variety of looks.

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#2 Mixing Old & New (such as a rustic dining table with sleek chairs): SAY GOODBYE
The novelty has worn off and there is nothing left to mix. The new trend will be matching sets; they will offer visual simplicity and ease. TIP: Like the eclectic look without clutter? Choose a wooden table the same colour and tone as the floors or cabinetry- this will limit the visual variety being offered.

Pale Driftwood Finishes: SAY GOODBYE
The driftwood tones were brought into our lives to ween us off of the dark espresso wood tones; lightening things up without bringing back light maple (the last light-wood trend). The driftwood tones will morph into smokey oak wood tones and then into warmer walnut woods. TIP: Medium to dark walnut wood is the most neutral and easiest to work with when decorating.

Graphic Honeycomb & Chevron Patterns: SAY GOODBYE
The mid-centruy decor craze brought these graphic, linear and zig-zag patterns onto wallpaper, fabric and rug patterns. Looks for patterns becoming more rounded and curly for Fall and onward; taking on a romantic, feminine feel. TIP: Like graphic patterns? Use it on accessories that are easily replaced like bed sheets, decorative pillows and bath towels.

Statement Lighting: SAY GOODBYE
Everything from wine bottles to bird cages have been hung over the kitchen island. Enough is enough… much like mixing old and new- there’s just nothing left to turn into a light fixture. We’ve exhausted this trend. Look for new lighting that is extremely modern and minimalist. TIP: Lighting should not be boring- try to have at least one ‘star’ lamp/light in each room. Too many together will cheapen their fabulousness.

The Colour Blue: KEEPER
Deep blue and teal are becoming the new grey- and people are warming up to this new-nuetral. Replacing anything currently dark brown with navy or teal and it works. Look for dark blue tones graduating into teals and eventually into rich, deep green. TIP: Afraid to paint an entire room navy blue? try painting the interior doors of a room in a high-gloss navy/black colour for drama -an easy weekend project that can be changed once this trend ends.


My next visit to the radio station is scheduled for Thursday, October 8th. I am thinking of creating a fun Thanksgiving-related segment so if you have any ideas, please let me know! Stay tuned to 104.5FM for lots of fun in the mornings.



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