Colour Inspiration: At Twenty-Thousand Feet






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I often look at other’s images posted on Facebook or Instagram and get inspired by the colours that nature has teamed together. In today’s edition of Colour Inspriation, I found a picture that my friend JT recently posted on Facebook; a picture he snapped when flying from Toronto to New York. Who could ever imagine those brilliant colours coming together?  Sitting beside the wings means one thing for JT -he wasn’t seated in first class… but he’s got a million dollar view on that flight! Thanks JT for the photo!

John Thompson

We all see different colours and I bet you would find other colours to pull from this picture. I always love to find the darkest neutral (grey) the brightest colour (red) and then a soothing or calm colour (blue) to round things out. I think all three colours would look fabulous as patterned fabric for draperies or even a fun, geometirc area rug. Here’s my inspiration colours listed; I used the Benjamin Moore Paints colour chart for this week’s edition of Colour Inspiration.

Franklin Lakes Blue by Benjamin Moore Paints

BM Franklin Lakes


Red by Benjamin Moore Paints:


Ashland Slate Grey by Benjamin Moore Paints

BM Ashland Slate





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