My Boathouse-Inspired Guest Room

On the top floor of my historical Victorian townhouse was a small, quirky bedroom with a little bathroom attached. I always wondered who could live in such a tiny bedroom (10′ x 10′) and use such a little bathroom (3′ x 10′). One night, due to renovations of my own master bedroom; I had to sleep in this strange, unused room. When I woke up the next morning I had an entire design- plan worked out in my head; I would create a boathouse-style bedroom with attached ensuite!

The BEFORE bedroom and bathroom:

Guest 3rd floor


I decided the simplest and enconomical way to treat the walls was to add a 5′ tall beaded board panelling to the bottom half of the walls- that would save me money and only have to plaster the top half and ceiling. The old carpeting was removed and Pergo laminate flooring was added for two reasons; it could be installed into both the bedroom and bath areas, and I found one that had a ‘paint-scraped’ look- yet be very, very durable and easy to clean. I opened up the tiny entry to the bathroom and used difused glass doors, painted the upper walls and the ceiling the same colour. I used Benjamin Moore’s Smokey Green  which is green on a sunny day, blue on a cloudy day and grey at night – I love the way the colour changes the mood of the space. I added a wall-hung sink to give the room a boathouse-industrial vibe and create more visual space as you walk in the bath area. I kept all the wood tones sunwashed in colour and used nautical-white inspried bedding and towels and accessories.

The AFTER bedroom and bathroom:

Guest KL2


Designer trick: the beaded board panelling was only 5′ tall, so I built-in a display shelf at the 5 foot mark to hide the seam between the lower and upper piece.


Guest KL4


Desigenr trick: painting the upper walls and ceilings the more dramatic (darker toned) colour allowed me to have a lot of white in the room without having all white walls. The room is actually a lot brighter than if the walls had been painted all Smokey Green.




Designer trick: all the doors to the bedroom and bath have reeded/diffused glass panels which allow light to pour in and visually make the entire space look larger. the laminate flooring was a perfect choice for looks and durability. The slim electric fireplace not only adds addiitonal heat in the winter, but acts as a tall console to display items.



Guest KL3


I hope you have enjoyed a tour of my little boathouse-inspired guest room. If you liked this then please join my blog below. Cheers!

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